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Zicana's Made-to-Measure Services



Our in-house made to measure studio offers clients the ability to personalize an alluring collection of materials to fit their own individual taste and style. Its purpose is to tailor concepts bound by
imagination into exclusive art forms.

The studio, founded in 2002, offers consulting, design, customization and installation services for a variety of projects. Since its inception, Zicana has been commissioned by the most discerning
individuals and leading professionals in the industry.

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Today “ZICANA fashions the world’s most opulent materials into luxurious art forms, surfaces, home and lifestyle symbols. We have a ‘soul purpose’ and passion for creation without limit. Our personal branded boutiques that house our collections deliver first class client experiences across the globe. Our clients are the most discerning individuals, designers, architects, developers and builders. They depend on us to fulfill their desire for expression.

The Marasco family opened a small stone artisan shop in 2002. The idea of crafting stone was a lifelong dream of the original founder Tommaso Marasco an Italian immigrant that came here with his family to pursue the coveted American Dream.

In 2006, Tommaso’s son Francesco became Chief Executive Officer of the company. Francesco had worked for the business since its doors first opened. Under the artistic direction of Francesco, the company began to implement new design concepts and ideas which propelled the company forward. Following his father’s entrepreneurial spirit and values, Francesco pursued and established new relationships to build a loyal clientele amongst the most discerning individuals, designers, architects, developers and builders.

By 2008, the company had grown exponentially. Francesco traveled and began establishing international alliances in order to stay ahead of industry trends. After seeing the products offered around the world, Francesco began to devise ways to diversify the company and differentiate itself.

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In 2011, Francesco began exploring gemstones which led to several revelations about using these exclusive jewels in new mediums and applications. By merging old and new, Francesco combined his father’s original idea with his own creative expression to create Zicana. Zicana officially launched June of 2012 featuring one-of-a-kind items such as handcrafted gemstone surfaces, fine jewelry and home accessories. Zicana’s mission is to change the way you think and feel about stone.

In 2017, the family’s original shop, Elegante Granite & Marble merged with Zicana and is now all part of the Zicana brand.

Since Zicana has remained independently owned, the brand’s creativity and uniqueness stand true to the quality and character the company was built upon.


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