gemstone countertop
Zicana Gemstone Showroom

Made To Measure

Zicana Surfaces features an alluring collection of gemstone, natural stone, engineered quartz, and porcelain surfaces. Our in-house made to measure studio offers its clients the ability to personalize an exquisite range of materials to fit their own individual taste and style.

Zicana has been featured in the most influential publications being recognized for its unique exhibits and quality craftsmanship. We have an a extensive portfolio of fine custom pieces, residential and commercial projects.

Zicana is at the forefront of its industry offering consulting, design, customization and installation services.

Zicana appeals to a global range of customers providing services to a businesses, trade related professionals, and private individuals.

Natural Stone Collection

Classic, Elegant, and Timeless

Natural stones are classic and timeless. Used throughout ages of history, stone has brought elegance to every place it has graced and has established such a profound beauty that today remains unprecedented.

Gemstone Collection

Captivating, Sophisticated, Hand Crafted

Zicana’s gemstone surfaces collection is made of individually cut and bound semi-precious stones. This exclusive line can be crafted into countertops, furniture, wall features and custom designed pieces.

Embossed Collection

Artistic, Inspiring, and Bold

Our embossed collection features a series that consists of one-of-a-kind patterns creating a line of fashionable surfaces.

Porcelain Collection

Bold, Refined, and Timeless

A contemporary collection of large format porcelain panels designed to give the look of natural stones.

Quartz Collection

Durable, Beautiful, and Modern

Our quartz collection will bring a modern appearance to any space. Quartz surfaces are a man-made product created mostly from natural materials. Used in both residential and commercial spaces as countertops, vanities, wall cladding, floors and other interior surfaces, you can choose the way it is cut and the type of edge it has.